Clackamas Artist Exhibit Program

May 3 thru August 1 six of my paintings are shown at the Public Services Bldg Social Services gallery, 2061 Kaen Rd. off Beavercreek Road in Oregon City.

Social Services Waiting area
Social Services Waiting area
Abandoned View, 16x20 Acrylic
Abandoned View, 16×20 Acrylic
Old Grist Mill, 16x20 Oil
Old Grist Mill, 16×20 Oil

Clackamas Arts Alliance Artists’ Exhibit

Richard Gaffield

Beginning May 3 thru August 7 six of my paintings will be shown at the Public Services Bldg Social Services gallery, 2061 Kaen Rd. off Beavercreek Road in Oregon City.

Community Development Gallery

“Richard Gaffield’s mixed media paintings take us to timeless rural country settings.  Wire fences wrestle with sage brush in one open scene, while a flowering pink tree celebrates spring in another.  Like favorite passages of oft-told stories, they take us back to another time and place.”

The paintings are on the 2nd floor of the Oregon City Community Development Building at 221 Molalla Ave for three months and then at Citizens Bank, 19245 Molalla Ave until the end of June.

Oregon Society of Artists Reception

“Man in a Canoe, ” my latest oil, is part of a fine show honoring OSA volunteers at  2185 S.W. Park Pl, Portland. Gallery hours 1-4m, Mon thru Sat.

Photo by the very steady handed Tim Mahoney.

Library Gallery Brings Artwork Alive

Imagine your artwork on display in a historic home-like setting. A warm fire crackles in the massive brick fireplace, inviting you to relax and read, while rows of dark-toned bookcases envelope the room with riveting subjects to share. Has your artwork been sold to a local book lover? In this case, no! It’s on display at the pARTners in ART gallery space at the Oregon City Library!

Eight of our artists are participating in the January-March rotation, and it’s fascinating to see how the unique literary surroundings add context to their work. Historic subjects, such as Eric Griswold’s photographs of the abandoned Blue Heron Mill or Susan Schenk’s mixed media interpretations of the Donald and Newberg mills, take on extra significance in the century-old library space. Architectural subjects, such as the monumental bridges inspiring both Anita Reuther’s and Eileen Holtzman’s paintings, harmonize beautifully with the strong architectural features of the gallery room. The nostalgic landscape in Richard Gaffield’s “Abandoned View” seems especially compelling as the vacant log cabin and rusty antique sedan take us back in time along with their historic venue.

(2 paragraphs and a photo by Beth  Daniell from her Three Rivers Artist Guild February newsletter. Bolded font my idea. Thank you Beth.)


Oregon City Public Places

These watercolors and mixed media will travel from the Three Rivers Gallery to be on view at the 221 Gallery located on the 2nd floor of the Community Development Building at 221 Molalla Ave for three months and then at Citizens Bank,


Saluting OSA Volunteers January 2018

My oil painting, “Man in a Canoe,” is showing at the Oregon Society of Artists, 2185 SW Park Place, Portland. Gallery is open 1-4. I’ll be present at the reception, Sunday, January 11, 1-3,  and sitting on January 17.

Goose Hollow Festival

Come to the Goose Hollow Days Street Festival this Saturday and visit the Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) gallery close by.

“Spring Valley,” plein air mixed media on view at OSA gallery.

Gallery Hours, 1-4 pm

Please come visit the gallery!

Spring Valley, 8" x 10" mixed media
My 8 x 10 mixed media, Spring Valley, made the cut.

“i love how the pink sits on the branches begging for a conversation with the clouds drifting in the distance. the tranquil field reminds me of a childhood of travel where nature played an integral part in who i became today. i close my eyes and the beauty of solitude wraps its cloak around me and i am still. i can taste the pancakes with the maple syrup, the grits and collards and last but not least, my mom’s gizzards swimming in onions, peppers and red wine. yes, my friend of more than 30, i feel the warmth as i am paraded through a history that you weren’t a part of but you sparked in your portrait of life. peace.” Terrance L. Carney, Facebook

“Moments like this make life worth living, and then, with your words, TLC, reliving.” Richard Gaffield, Facebook