2 thoughts on “Recent Oil Paintings”

  1. Hi, Richard,
    Was a pleasure to meet and chat with you yesterday – a far sight better than staring at the walls for four hours. Sometime in the distant future when I get through this cancer thing and recapture a semi-normal (normal is only a setting on my dryer) energy level, it would be fun to come to your studio. Seeing a picture of a beautiful oil is never the same as seeing the real thing. Thanks for the book suggestion. My son is the librarian for a nursing school in Portland. He needs a copy in his library, and I will be first to check it out.
    Bruce McClay

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Sorry I just saw your comment here. You’re more than welcome to come by as soon as you are able. Not too long I hope.

      The 2nd infusion boosted my numbers over the top. I rang the bell so to speak.

      Had brunch with my son the other day and I asked him where he went to school. He said in Napa Valley. I forget the official name.

      See you soon,
      All the best,

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