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Spring Valley, 8" x 10" mixed media
My 8 x 10 mixed media, Spring Valley, made the cut.

“i love how the pink sits on the branches begging for a conversation with the clouds drifting in the distance. the tranquil field reminds me of a childhood of travel where nature played an integral part in who i became today. i close my eyes and the beauty of solitude wraps its cloak around me and i am still. i can taste the pancakes with the maple syrup, the grits and collards and last but not least, my mom’s gizzards swimming in onions, peppers and red wine. yes, my friend of more than 30, i feel the warmth as i am paraded through a history that you weren’t a part of but you sparked in your portrait of life. peace.” Terrance L. Carney, Facebook

“Moments like this make life worth living, and then, with your words, TLC, reliving.” Richard Gaffield, Facebook

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