Oregon City Public Places

3 paintings (GRANDPA’S WHEELBARROW, ABANDONED BARN, GIRL PLAYING JACKS) were accepted for hanging at Oregon City Planning Commission, 221 Molalla Ave, and Oregon City Citizens Bank, 19245 Molalla Ave, Oregon City. They are for sale at each location for 3 months.

grandpaWheel_slider-2-1024x624 Abandoned Barn, 10 x 12 inch watercolor Girl Playing Jacks, 8 x 10 inch watercolor

From the current Three Rivers Artist’s Guild Newsletter:
“Four artists bring thought-provoking perspectives to the 221 Gallery’s 2nd Quarter 2016 rotation. Richard Gaffield, Michelle Lattanzi, Susan Schenk and Bob Bresky each use their chosen mediums to re-shape familiar scenes with startling perspectives, bringing the mind’s eye into focus.

“Richard’s watercolors and mixed media achieve this within the context of familiar landscapes and objects. “Abandoned Barn” sets the weather-worn building far in the distance. The leaning barbed wire fence in the foreground and the broken wooden rail fence further back set the scene, illustrating how boundaries and buildings, once important, have now been forgotten. “Grandpa’s Wheelbarrow” focuses entirely on the rusted metal wheel, still sturdily anchored by its hefty hardware. “Girl Playing Jacks” makes the small child seem almost fragile by placing her in the corner of the scene, hunched over her jacks and dwarfed by the sharp angled planes of the farmhouse nearby.”